Pussy Whipped
Bad Alpha Dad / F.E.R.A.L. Shifters Book 1


When her nephew morphed into a cat right before her eyes, Aylese Delacort thought she was going insane. Her plan to hand the baby over to his father before having herself committed went horribly awry when she realized that Jett was even crazier than she was. He put the baby in the deep freezer for Heaven's sake!


Then the crazy man tried to convince her that he was a jaguar shifter and she was his mate. Pfft. She wasn't insane enough to believe any of that nonsense and she sure as hell wasn't about to crawl into bed with a man they called the Prince of Pussy. Nor could she forget that he was the father of her sister's child.


But even if he were telling the truth it would never work.


She was allergic to cats!


Jerrett 'Jett' Black lived a life filled with hedonistic pleasure. The black jaguar shifter owned an elite gentleman's club, The Pussycat Palace, and his pride of wantonly wicked female shifters fulfilled his every erotic desire. Words like domestication and monogamy never entered his mind until she showed up.


Aylese was a little nutty but stunningly beautiful, and her scent was more intoxicating than catnip. But the crazy woman wanted him to take custody of the furball that she claimed was his cub. Since he was desperate to make her his mate, he'd agree to just about anything. Besides, being a dad couldn't be that hard.


Could it?


He was Pussy Whipped!

Also in the F.E.R.A.L. Shifters series
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Also in the Bad Alpha Dads series
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Tonya Brooks

It's all smoke & mirrors till... The End


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