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It was supposed to be an important business trip until he woke up with a vagina.

That's right, ladies! This gorgeous genius is about to experience a man's worst nightmare.

Chase Marlowe is a typical absent-minded professor who rarely knows what day it is. Saige Delancy is his hotter than hell, set-your-balls-on-fire-with-a-look personal assistant. When he makes a wish to have her gorgeous body, he gets more than he intended! He certainly never meant to swap bodies with her, but that's exactly what's happened.

Now he's trapped in a woman's body, suffering from menstrual cramps, getting hit on by men, and learning how to walk in high heels. To make matters worse, Saige seems more interested in experimenting with his borrowed appendage than giving it back. It's too damn bad he can't teach her how to use it!

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