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Ruthless Bastard



That's what I was.


What he did to me.


He broke me into a million jagged shards filled with fury and loathing.


Because I believed him when he said he loved me.


Trusted him to honor our vows.


Until he betrayed me.


I had been so blinded by his devastating looks, sinful body, and passionate nature that I failed to see the monster lurking in the darkness.


He unleashed the beast and I realized too late that he really was the ruthless bastard he was reputed to be.


Now he's decided that he wants me back, but he doesn't know what he's asking for.


I'm not the naive woman he married or the broken one he divorced.


I'm a survivor and Reece is about to discover that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Let the groveling begin…

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