Seduce Me If You Can


Lady Scarlett Ashbrook, Baroness Montvale, was not the usual gently bred young lady. Due to a less than orthodox upbringing by a pair of scandalous rakes, her attire of choice were boots and breeches while her habits included swearing, gambling, drinking, smoking and riding hell for leather astride her thoroughbred.


Realizing the error of his ways, her brother forced her to have a season in Town. Having no inclination whatsoever to marry, Scarlett decided that being compromised would be the best course of action to remove herself from the marriage mart. So the willful hoyden challenged the Rake of Ryder to… Seduce me if you can.


Nicholas Branvil, Duke of Ryder, was a charming, seductive rogue reputed to be able to seduce a woman with just a look. However, he drew the line at innocents. Even if he did want her with a fierce, unreasoning hunger that threatened to drive him to distraction. What's a notorious rake to do when the lady insists that he teach her what was improper?


Teach the seductive minx a lesson she'll never forget.

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