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Three Matings And A Baby

Ever wonder what happens after the story ends?


After four years of hell, Reece Lassiter finally got his mate back in The Big Bad Wolf's Ex. The thought of losing Jolie again makes him batshit crazy, and since she almost died delivering their first cub, he's a nervous wreck now that her due date is approaching. Is it possible for a big bad wolf to love his mate too much?


Dane Lassiter kidnapped his mate from her wedding and battled his Alpha to keep her in Her Wolf In Shining Armor. Now that Shanna is finally his, the only thing standing between them and a mating ceremony are his ex-wife, his mate's former fiancé, her irate father, and his pack enforcer's mating frenzy.


Chaos reigns after the Happily Ever After…

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Also in the Howls Romance series
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